Gellert Hill, Budapest how to arrive

Gellert hill in Budapest how to arrive
The Gellért Hill has an amazing views of Budapest as The Fisherman Bastion or the Buda castle.
So, if you have only 2 or 3 days in Budapest I recommend you to go first to the other places.


-The fantastic views of Budapest
- A huge park
- The church in the rock
- Near it is the Gellért Hotel and its beautiful baths


There are two ways to arrive there, one is avoiding the long stairs and going directly to the top of the Gill. The second one is climbing the stairs while you enjoy the views.

I recommend the first one and come down the stairs (and the end of the walk you will find the church in the Rock).

First way

I will use as the reference point Oktogon utca.

1- Take the tram 4-6 from Oktogon to Blaha Lujza ter 
2- In Blaha Lujza ter go to the bus stop located at Rakoczi utca (2 min). 
3- Take any of these buses: 8, 110, 112, 239 and stop at Sánc Street stop (12min)
4-In front of your bus stop there is another bus stop, cross the street and get the bus 27.
5-Stop at Búsuló Juhász (3 stop) (2min)
And now you only have to go up the slope following the road (towards up)

Step 1

Step 2(green line means walking)

Step 3, 4, 5 and 6 (red lines and wine color lines mean waking)
If you follow the wine line you will see beautiful landscapes and you will arrive (going down the stairs) to the Church in the Rock.

Views from the top of the Gellért Hill